Macadamias are green in color when hanging from the tree. When they are ripe they burst open and you see a round brown nut in the shell. Macadamias have a smooth round shape. The taste of the nut is determined by the fat content. The higher the fat percentage, the finer the taste. The fat percentage is around 75%. Of which 4/5 are unsaturated fatty acids (the healthy fatty acids). These fats lower the cholesterol level in the blood and thus reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This delicious round nut was discovered by Dr John Macadam on the Australian coast and is named after him. Compared to other nuts, the macadamia is relatively young and has not been known in the Netherlands for very long. They are also called “Queensland nuts”, named after Australia. There are now many more countries of origin besides Australia, such as Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and America.

Creamy, full, buttery and sweet tones. Macadamia nuts are delicious in combination with chocolate.
Nowadays, vegan cheese is also made from the macadamia nut, because the raw nut has a cheese-like taste. In combination with oat milk, lemon and salt you get an almost indistinguishable cheese.

Cracking Macadamias
The Macadamia nut is the hardest to crack of all the nuts in the world. It takes a pressure of more than 20 kg per square centimeter. This is one of the reasons why the price is higher than the price of other nuts. Another reason for the high price is that the macadamia tree only gives a harvest after 7 to 10 years. The trees need a lot of rain, a warm climate and a rich nutrient soil.


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