Brazil nuts, or Brazil nuts, are nutritious, contain a lot of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The substance selenium and the antioxidants are important. This slows down the aging process and stimulates the immune system.

Brazil nuts, also called Brazilnuts, come from South America, including Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil. There are about 9 million trees growing in this Amazon region.

The green balls of the Brazilnuts grow on a tall “royal” tree. These spheres look a bit like coconuts and need to be cracked to eventually get to the Brazilnuts. These bulbs contain about 10 to 12 seeds per bulb. The nut has a bit of a banana-shaped appearance and a brown shell. De Nut is difficult to crack and is therefore always sold peeled. Brazil nuts are mainly found in nut mixes or, for example, in a more luxurious version of the student oats.

The agouti is the only animal that can crack the Brazil nut…
These rodents live in the dense rainforests of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina and are very shy. Agoutis are extremely important for nature, because they are the only animals that can crack open Brazil nuts with their strong rodent teeth. The Brazil nuts are full of seeds, which fall to the ground and germinate, causing new Brazil nut trees to grow.

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