The peanut is a legume and not actually a nut. It grows in the ground, just like potatoes. Yellow-colored flowers appear on the plant and the peanut itself grows in a shell, which they call the shell. The peanut itself has a brown membrane that you can eat normally, the so-called membrane peanuts. Peanuts without skin are called blanched. Peanuts are not originally nuts, but legumes. Peanuts are the best known nuts in the nut world and are also the cheaper nuts out there.

The origin of the peanut is unknown, but the peanuts are very old. They were found about 950 BC. They were first discovered in the countries of Brazil and Peru and from there they were brought to Africa and finally to America. Today, China, Israel, the United States, Egypt, Argentina and South Africa are the largest peanut producers. Israel and Egypt mainly produce raw nuts in shells for export.

Peanuts are eaten daily by many people. Not as a loose peanut, but often as a sandwich spread, namely peanut butter. Furthermore, there are many Indonesian dishes in which peanuts are used. Just think of satay sauce and rempejek (spicy peanut cookies). Of course you will often find them in different nut mixes.

Healthy or not?
Peanuts assume a high content of healthy, based on certainty. They lower the LDL cholesterol level in your blood and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease. Peanut is healthy. This groundnut contains the most important minerals and vitamins and, in addition to nutrition, is also a good source of dietary fiber. In the eyes of the Netherlands Nutrition Centre, peanuts are just as healthy as nuts. However, keep in mind that peanuts contain more carbohydrates than nuts. You will eat the right carbs as little as possible if you want to lose weight, so opt for a handful of nuts and not peanuts if you want to lose some pounds. It is mainly in how you eat peanuts. Namely salted or unsalted. Choose unsalted peanuts, then you know you’re in the right place.

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