Cashews contain the least fat among the nut varieties and are rich in minerals such as magnesium, copper and iron. One serving of cashews contains even more iron than one serving of spinach! In addition, almost all B vitamins are contained in cashew nuts. Good for skin, hair and eyes, among other things. One serving of nuts is 25 grams; this is about 15 cashews. A daily portion of nuts is part of a healthy lifestyle.

About 40% of all cashew nuts grow in West Africa. The right weather conditions and a long history of growing cashew nuts make this a good place for cashew cultivation. Other countries where cashew nuts are grown are Vietnam, India and the Philippines, for example.

The cashew nut is a nut with a sweet, creamy taste. Cashew nuts are good in combination with spicy food, for example a curry. Also delicious in combination with cheese or in a salad. Almost half of the nuts are already broken in the process (if a very small piece of the nut is broken, it already counts as ‘broken’) because cracking the cashew nuts is precision work. Nut butters or nut bars are often made from these ‘brokens’.

Cracking the nut
Processing the nuts into cashew nuts as described above is often done by hand. During harvesting, the nuts are first sorted. The raw cashew nuts are heated in a steam engine. Using steam distillation, the caustic cardol oil is concentrated and the fruit can then be opened by hand. This is also the reason why cashew nuts are not sold in shells.

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