We believe that eating meat every day is no longer justified. That is why we support the idea of ​​a flexitarian diet, in which meat and fish vary with vegetarian dishes. Better for human health and our planet.

Are you a supplier or producer of meat substitutes? Nuts are widely used in meat substitutes because of their good properties. Nuts lower LDL cholesterol, which helps keep blood vessels healthy. Furthermore, nuts provide many beneficial nutrients such as fiber, protein, iron and unsaturated fat. The selenium content varies between different nuts. Because vegetarians do not eat meat, they have to extract selenium partly from nuts. Brazil nuts in particular contain a lot of selenium. Almonds and hazelnuts hardly contain selenium. (Source: Voedingscentrum, Netherlands)

About us

We are an experienced wholesaler for nuts and dried fruits in Zevenhuizen, The Netherlands and we have been supplying nuts and dried fruits in the Benelux since 1998. And with the current developments in the food industry, we have committed ourselves to provide in raw materials for meat substitutes. From our warehouse we supply all types of nuts that fit perfectly in a diet without meat and are used for the development of meat substitutes. We are a certified organization and we consider quality to be of paramount importance.

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